YH:Local Hack Day

December 6th 2014

Hosted by The Young Hackers

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About The Local Hack Day Series

Brought to you by The Young Hackers and Major League Hacking

"A hack day is about celebrating the hacker community at your school by coming together and building awesome projects together! During the hack day your community will come together to create and build community together over 12 hours. MLH will be providing awesome programming and swag all day long to help celebrate all the Hacker Community everywhere." - MLH

What to expect


We will have deliciousness and all sorts of other delicious munchies!


Ever wanted to meet a Boss? Well, come and you will. Talk and gain help from mentors who already work in the tech field or even at your dream job.


First time hacker? No problem, we've got just the way to start you off.


Wanna make something epic and win prizes? We got you.


Who participates in Local Hack Day?

Only the coolest and most awesome students ever, especially those students in high school. Don't worry, we love you too, college students. But seroiously, anyone from all walks of life are welcome. /p>

When is Local Hack Day?

Local Hack Day kicks off 9:00 am EST, December 6th, and lasts until 9:00 pm EST. After closing ceremonies, we will have an optional connect and eat so you can get to know your fellow hackers further.
*To those who have SAT's; Come right after the test, we will welcome you openly and with great arms. You should get here just in time for lunch. Good luck on your test!

Where is Local Hack Day?

YH:LocalHackDay will be at the amazing -General Assembly- near Union Square Park, the heart of New York City.
Here's the address:
902 Broadway, 4th Floor | New York, NY 10010. Call 19176887573 if you're having any trouble getting there!

What can I build?

You can build anything you want - from the iron man suit idea in the back of your head - to the computer science homework that was due days ago, you can build anything you want. Make sure to bring any hardware, laptops or smart-phones that you want to utilize during the event. We'll try really hard to get you guys access to some crazy cool hardware

What if I've never been to a hackathon before?

A hack day is the perfect chance for you to experience what a Hackathon is like. Regardless of experience level, all are welcome to come learn, celebrate and build.

Do I need a team?

Each Local Hack Day will start with a team formation workshop to help you find a team if you don't have one. You don't need to have a team to participate though.


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